What is ergonomics ?

What is ergonomics ?

According to OSHA, ergonomics is the "The science of job demand for workplace conditions and the capabilities of the working population." Few benefits of Ergonomic seating's are: 1) Conform to the body shape 2) To Support your back spine and other bones. 3) Keep joints and tissues in strain free position 4) Customizable to fit each user needs.

Benefits of Ergonomics:

1) Support your back spine and other bones The health risk of sitting too high is back and neck pain. Many desk workers sit at their desk with inappropriate postures, this can cause pain and many health issues, especially in the back and neck. To reduce this risk, the experts found that sitting or standing desks can reduce back and neck pain. By reducing sitting time to 66 minutes per day, 54% of the participants experienced back and neck pain.

2) Improved Better mood and work energy level Unhappy workers can take a toll. Low-energy employees are less likely to be productive. Too much working time increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Experts found that employees with standing desks were less stressed and tired. The same participants also reported that they have more energy and power during work days.

3) Customizable to fit each user needs The ergonomic design optimizes a product to meet specific user needs. As you can imagine, this design approach is highly beneficial for furniture products such as chairs, tables.